"From a garden family competition of who hits more strokes without shuttle falling down,
to the world-class tournaments where every fallen shuttle puts you closer to the crown."

When and where did it all start?
"Officially, one day after school, at the age of 9, my dad took me to a very small local hall where I joined a bunch of other kids playing badminton. Unofficially, badminton used to be a regular family activity played in the garden every windless weekend since my very early childhood."

Early stage - a collection of experience…
"First years were like a huge unpredictable roller coaster. The railway was reaching heights when I was stepping up at the podium and they announced my name at the prize ceremony. But the curve could suddenly turn down when the opponents became the winners. It was all a broad learning process that involved hours of training, hundreds of tournaments and a wide array of emotions."

New chapter – going international…
"Obviously, I was not a champion at the beginning. Each victory has positively affected my confidence. From small local events, through big national tournaments, I became number one in the country at the age of 13. But, it was not enough – the hunger was bigger. Joining the National Team has offered new opportunities. Crossing the border has uncovered much stronger competition “out in the world” which essentially increased my motivation instead of fear. Socializing and building an international network was another important thing. My friend list on Facebook has at least tripled. Playing international tournaments was like the best thing I could have imagined at that time. It was all about hard-work and fun.

Training process has taken another direction. Passion for badminton has brought me into new places and secured some unforgettable memories. It began with different summer camps in Czech Republic where we all slept on own air-matrasses in sleeping bags next to each other in the same old elementary school classroom. Another year was marked with another challenge – running out in the mountains up and down the ski slope, multiple times in a row. Attendance at the official Badminton Europe camp in Madrid was an excellent catch of international experience. Next step required a search for better long-term training conditions. At the age of 15, Spanish National Junior Center became my new second home for a couple of months per year. Just a year after, this second home got relocated to a new, and final, destination – Odense, Denmark. Badminton Academy, European Certificated Training Center, grew into my heart since the first time and I happily found a so-called safe heaven."

Becoming The Professional
"At some certain age, every person realizes who he or she wants to be in the future and chooses own goals and dreams. Nowadays it can be anything; travel to space, become a rock star, study physics at Harvard, get pregnant, ... And at some point, every child says “bye-bye mom and dad” and becomes independent. My goodbye was told immediately after graduating the High School. I went on a journey to find and to be the best version of myself  to already well known Danish environment.

Moving away from home to a foreign country was exciting and a little bit scary but with a strong mind and determination the “chase” of my own goals and dreams became my everyday challenge. The priorities were clear. Badminton was the main reason for leaving. My lifestyle has been radically changing over the last few years living in Denmark. I have learnt how to live and behave as a top athlete on and off the badminton court. It required a lot of daily hard-work, stepping out of the comfort zone, motivation and sacrifice.

The results are visible today. I know how to make the right decisions and how to be mentally fully focused. There is still so much to learn but I believe I can say that after all those years I’ve found the best version of myself and have become the professional. Being happy and doing things that a person like to do the most is the best prove. And yes, I’ve got that prove."


To be continued ...