Let me start explaining shortly what the difference between a goal and a dream is:
- a dream is simply a fantasy that we hope for but never actively run after
- on the other side, a goal is a specific thing in which we put an effort to achieve it

Olympic Games are the world’s greatest sport event held every four years, in which thousands of athletes with more than 200 nations participate in variety of competitions.

When I was a little girl, our TV at home was always turned on all day long when the Games were on the program. I remember watching opening ceremonies and imagining myself how it would feel to be walking in that massive crowd and to be waving back home. I also remember being kind of emotionally attached to the gold medalists that stepped up on the podium, having happy tears and singing their national anthem.
A kid’s imagination can be very colorful and so was mine. That’s how my dream was born… “to become an Olympian”. Over the years, the big dream was turning into a goal. Today, I live for badminton. It is the first priority in my life and with the actual full-time dedication I know I can reach it.

To achieve this specific goal, i.e. to qualify for Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020, a few conditions need to be met. To explain briefly, firstly, being high enough in the World Ranking (around top 60 should be sufficient) due to the limited number of qualifying players equal to 34, and secondly, being the number one from the country.
The qualification year, the most important 52-week period, starts on April 29, 2019, and ends on April 26, 2020. During this year, everybody will travel around the world and collect points for the ranking. The whole competition among the players will be tough and friends can become rivals any time.

Being aware of these circumstances, I am very much looking forward for this huge “fight” and I am ready to give all in. It’s going to be an exciting year of 20-30 international tournaments.

Now, the question is:
Do you want to help and make the big Olympic dream of a little girl come true? By financially supporting this huge goal chase you can become an important part of my journey.
It’s all up to you - you can contribute with any amount. Every single euro, dollar or whatever currency you use, will be valuable. The money will only be used to cover tournament expenses such as entry fees, flight and train tickets, hotels, etc.

Why me?
People that know me say that I am a fighter. There must be something true about it since giving up has never been an option for me. Passion, dedication and hard-work are three words that define me as an athlete.

Please, consider the given situation. You can use the following bank details to support my ROAD TO TOKYO.

IBAN:      SK5009000000000403056025

If you have any kind of question or want to contact me regarding the crowdfunding, do not hesitate to send me an email.