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My name is Martina Repiska, I am a 23 years old professional badminton player coming from Slovakia, currently living, training and studying in Denmark, best ranked as number 81 in the world and 5 times consecutive women’s singles National Champion.

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(week 11)


Latest tournament results:
[week 9] Slovak Open
1st round: Katarína Vargová (SVK)
21:17, 21:19
2nd round: Maria Delcheva (BUL)
21:15, 21:15
Quarterfinals: Vladyslava Lesnaya (UKR)
21:16, 18:21, 13:21
[week 11] Swiss Open
1st round: Mariya Mitsova (BUL)
13:21, 19:21

Upcoming tournaments:
19-23 Mar, Orleáns Masters (Tour Super 100)
28-31 Mar, Polish Open (Int. Challenge)
4-7 Apr, Finnish Open (Int. Challende)